Cincinnati Choice Neighborhoods

Transformation Planning

Signature Place-Based Initiative

Creating Opportunities for Residents, Preserving Affordable Housing
& Rebuilding Neighborhoods

West End Cincinnati Choice Neighborhood Planning

The Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority was awarded a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Choice Neighborhoods 2020 Planning Grant on December 16, 2020 to work with the Stanley Rowe Towers A and B, Stanley Rowe Rowhouses and Liberty Street Apartments public housing residents, Local Partners and Neighborhood Stakeholders to develop a Shared Vision for Revitalization.

Click the blue button below to view the West End Transformation Plan submitted to HUD on December 16, 2022 – also view Plan Appendices

Gregory D. Johnson, CMHA CEO

Talks Choice Neighborhoods

Watch CMHA’s CEO talk about the Choice Neighborhoods program a signature place-based initiative that creates opportunities for residents, preserves affordable housing and rebuilds inclusive neighborhoods. The central focus point of this initiative is the Residents of Stanley Rowe Towers A and B, Stanley Rowe Rowhouses and Liberty Street Apartments. The theme that runs throughout Choice Neighborhoods is social equity and economic mobility. CMHA is committed to working with local, regional and federal partners to build places of possibility and promise.

The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Focuses on Three Key Areas:


Prepare students for the challenge of postsecondary education and global competition

Provide quality academic instruction and internships with businesses, industries, public/private partners

Bridge digital divide


Transform distressed public housing into a sustainable community that serves the residents and is physically and financially viable over the long term.

Create a safe community


Attract and effectively deploy capital for critical housing and community development needs

Plan for sustainable /people-oriented systems and networks

What We Are Working On This Month...

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Human Investment Plan

  • Transformation Implementation Framework – People and Education Strategy
  • Addressing Service Gaps-Partner Connections
  • Community Ambassadors capacity building


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Housing Development Strategy

  • Transformation Implementation Framework – Housing Strategy 
  • Financing and Development Phasing
  • Offsite housing opportunities



Community Development Approach

  • Transformation Implementation Framework-Neighborhood Strategy
  • Crime and Safety
  • Education and health strategies


Stanley Rowe Tower A
835 Poplar St., Community Room
Cincinnati, OH 45214