What is the West End Cincinnati Choice Neighborhood Project?

The Choice Neighborhoods program leverages public and private dollars to support locally-driven strategies that address obsolete public housing sites through a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation. The Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant supports the development of a neighborhood revitalization plan which focuses on directing resources to address three core goals: Housing, People and Neighborhoods.

How has Choice Neighborhoods assisted low-income families and improved the communities in which they live?

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Planning Grant

The Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) partnered with, the Stanley Rowe Resident Council, Residents from Stanley Rowe Towers, Stanley Rowe Rowhouses, Liberty Street Apartments and over 35 local organizations to develop a Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant application that was submitted to HUD on September 13, 2020 requesting funds to compose a Transformation Plan for the West End.

On December 16, 2020, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development notified CMHA that the community was awarded a Fiscal Year 2020 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant in the amount of $410,000 to develop a Transformation Plan for the West End and to revitalize the Stanley Rowe Towers, Stanley Rowe Rowhouses and Liberty Street Apartments public housing sites.

Planning Process

The CMHA team looks forward to developing a shared vision through a collaborative planning process that includes the Stanley Rowe Resident Council, Residents from Stanley Rowe Towers, Stanley Rowe Rowhouses and Liberty Street Apartments, as well as neighborhood partners and local leaders.

The two-year planning process will start in January 2021. Timing is critical for West End stakeholders to build consensus, collaborate and establish a commitment to preserve and protect affordable housing. CMHA, Community Building Institute (CBI), the neighborhood anchor institution Seven Hills Neighborhood House, and other community-based partners have been working closely with neighborhood residents to carefully plan for inclusive investment in the West End using these locally established West End Choice Planning Pillars.

The West End Transformation Plan will identify strategies to implement public housing revitalization, the coordination and design of supportive services, and neighborhood-level planning to improve a range of neighborhood assets.


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